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Furniture, decoration, renovations

The applications and utilities of plastic foams

Our company projects and produces with a completely integrated production cycle padding for all the uses where ergonomics, comfort and safety are the main features required. Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse® manufactures also original and innovative self-bearing structures. Our company may offer a wide range of special finishes that permit the utilization of our products both in public and private areas. We collaborate with the best furniture manufacturers and, at the same time, we offer consultancy for the creation of pieces of furniture. We cooperate with designers and planners that can develop ready-to-use projects for plastic foam furnishing items.

Main qualities
indoors / outdoors
custom made
comfort, time durability

AggloFlex rebonded foam material

Shock absorber rebonded polyurethane foam...

AirTec open cell flexible foam

This foam is an ideal support for filtering and pre-filtering air...

ComfortPlus® open cell flexible foam

Flexible polyurethane foam, memory foam, viscoelastic foam, self extinguished, high resilience...

TecnoPe closed cell flexible foam

flexible foam material based on TecnoPe copolymer...

TecnoPlus® open cell flexible foam

Shock absorber, acoustic Polyester-based polyurethane foam...

WaterCell open cell flexible foam

WaterCell provides the best support in many industry fields for water filtering...
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