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Thanks to our highly skilled and capable plants, we offer state of the art material processing for flexible foam made of plastics and a wide variety of natural and synthetic cellular rubber.

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Foam Converting

In order to satisfy all the different industrial applications, our company commands in its manufacturing plant...

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The attractive wonder of the foams starts from the manufacturing process, wherein a blending of several liquid ...

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    Raw Materials

The variety of flexible materials by Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse® can fulfill a wide range of applications....

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    Product Range

A wide range of innovative items, noticeable for the safety and the user-friendliness in several usage...

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31/08/2019 / Raw materials prices  expressed in  € to mm per m2
Eters PU(R) 30 Kg/m3
PU(R) Post treatment 30PPI
PE X(E) 45 Kg/m3
Thermopolymer  130 Kg/m3
Esther PU(R) 22 Kg/m3
PE extrusion 22 Kg/m3
PE V(A) 50 Kg/m3
Agglomerates PU(R) 100 Kg/m3

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