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Thanks to our know-how we are preferential converters of flexible foams into plastics
and manufacturers of components for industrial applications. We offer a wide variety of synthetic products in cellular form.*

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The fascinating wonder of our materials from the initial block to the finished product.

A wide range of applications dedicated to industrial foams.

It is our activity dedicated to the world of expanded plastic materials.

Conceived in such a way as to allow the creation of individual productions.

*Industrial Facilities

We are the developers and manufacturers of foam products in Italy.  We supply materials and resins, promoting the use and the knowledge of high technology products. Across its trademarks, Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse® guides both the expert user and who does not know very well the materials to the purchase of the right products for the specific application required. We supply closed or open cell foams in boards, rolls, shaped pieces and even high valuable finished products. A 30-year-old experience in this sector offers: high quality and exclusive service. Cioni Materie Plastiche is your reliable partner for technical foams, converting and fabricating solutions.

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