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Plastic foams

PE and EVA colors and softness...

Plastic foams represent the broadest solution in the field of polymeric materials. The synthetic raw material is transformed into sheets or rolls with different production systems. Depending on the manufacturing process, specific values are given to it. The materials obtained are mainly divided into two families: EcoPe, a simple foam produced by extrusion, recyclable, and a more complex material in copolymer cross-linked with different TecnoPe methods. In both, the unitary characteristic of the almost always closed cell structure remains.

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EcoPe closed cell foam

Plastic based open cell foam material. EcoPe is the specific result for the containment and protection of objects. A completely recyclable material...


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TecnoPe closed cell foam

Plastic based open cell foam material. The TecnoPe family embraces unique manufacturing systems to meet many industrial specifications...


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