Plastic based open cell foam material. Created to meet the most stringent heat resistance requirements and linked to a minimum initial density that characterizes it, it represents the specific solution in various applications. It can be transformed into slabs, panels and specific elements for tailor-made solutions.

Lightness + high perfomance! In AcuTerm®

AcuTerm® is a flexible and semirigid foam at the same time, that can perform many tasks in the technological industrial field, thanks to its unique physical and mechanical properties. Its particular formulation makes it the lightest material ever produced. Compared to the other materials, this is an avantguard product with a heat-resistance up to 200° C and a specific weight between 9 and 11 kg/m3. It can be worked to get special products with high quality acoustic performances and the Class 1 fire-resistance. Considering its abrasive features, it is perfect to be used for cleaning and renovating.

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