Technical foams for almost all sports
Every sport federation includes foams in their equipment to perform various functions, such as: shockproof cushions; padding; floating elements; neoprene coverings; anti-fall mattresses and last but not least special inserts to absorb shocks. So from fishing, to swimming, to rugby, to archery and wherever you may need a flexible support.


Protections, tatami and technical components made up plastic based open cell foam material. It is a compound of granulate of PU material and synthetic binders. Created as a block, its processing produces slabs and semi-finished products to perform various functions, including high acoustic absorption and impact protection. Further information available in the customer area.


Sheets made up insulating foam based on plastic materials. It is a granulated compound of PE and EV material. Created in block, from its production slabs are obtained to perform various functions, among which we find high shock absorption and insulation.


Packaging insert, sporting goods and technical components made up plastic based open cell foam material. The TecnoPe family embraces unique manufacturing systems to meet many industrial specifications. 8 types are considered depending on the production method.
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