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Our new sale department is continuously updated on the latest news of our company to satisfy all the users, thanks to custom made solutions on the basis of the quantity you require.

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Purchase conditions

1. All the prices are exclusive of VAT.

2. The offers represent the up-to-date situation of the production. Every material or processing not listed shall be considered out of production.

3. All the technical and illustrative details we supply are representative and not binding. Cioni Srl reserves in every moment the right to make all the alterations reckoned necessary for technical or commercial purposes. All the rights pertaining the projects are reserved, therefore the copy of the projects and of the products present in our websites and in our catalogues is strictly forbidden.

4. All the measures are expressed in centimeters (cm) or millimiters (mm).

5. The products not in catalogue, if technically feasible, are subjected to a feasibility study by our Technical Department and might have an overcharge compared to the standard price list.

6. The products are are conform to the features detailed in the data sheet and we are not responsible for misuses.

7. The terms of payment shall be fixed with our Sales Department.

8. All the items are properly packed on the basis of the final destination and kind of shipping.

9. Non standard dimensions are also possible on request.

10. The registration is available under request or across the subscription to the service; we therefore reserve to accept, suspend or cancel the subscription of those users who are not allowed to the consultation.

General sales information

1. The current prices are effective from the 1st January 2023. They invalidate and replace any previous price.

2. All the prices shall be considered ex our factory in Empoli (Florence) Italy and the prospective delivery charges will be added on the invoice.

3. The manufacturing time may change according to the kind of production and the periods, furthermore they shall be agreed with our Sales Department.

4. Every order is subjected to the approval of the Sales Department of Cioni Srl, owner of the registered trademark Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse®.

5. Cioni Srl accepts only written orders sent by fax or e-mail. The following details shall be specified on the order: code or name of the product, quantity, size and the prospective colour.

6. All the terms of delivery and payment will be indicated on the proforma invoice or on the order confirmation issued by Cioni Srl. These terms are not binding and no penalty or repayment are provided in case of delayed delivery. The date of delivery indicated on the order confirmation is refered to the day in which the goods are loaded at Cioni Srl factory.

7. The goods are transported at customer’s risk.

8. Any claim regarding defective or damaged products shall be indicated on the Delivery Note or sent to our offices within 8 days from the receipt of the goods.

9. Cioni Srl is the owner of the products until the receipt of the payment and reserves the right of a prospective withdrawal of the goods.

10. The return of the goods is subjected to the acceptance of Cioni Srl.

11.The returned goods will be accepted only if properly packed and together with the regular transportation document, indicating the date and the number of the invoice or Delivery Note relating to the product in question.

12. Cioni Srl reserves the right to change the prices and the sale conditions in every moment and without any notice.

13. Cioni Srl accepts only payments made out in the name of the same. The interests applied on the delayed payments shall be calculated on the basis of the current bank rates and for any controversy the forum of Florence will be expert.

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