The attractive wonder of the foams starts from the manufacturing process, wherein a blending of several liquid components determines an expansion of them until the formation of a solid foam. The plastic foams are so constituted by a cellular reticulation, inside which the air is contained: this manages that the main feature of the material is that of having a higher volume than other solid materials, but at the same time a specific weight extremely reduced. The materials constituted by different polymeric typologies have different performance features, but have the flexibility as a common characteristic. The main foams we present are plastic material based. The discovery of this material has revolutionized the life of the people and has soon become irreplaceable in many products we know. The achievement of high levels of comfort, insulation and protection are only some of the many features of these material. A wide range of correlated foams are based on particular chemical formulations among which you can find industrial specialties manufactured in continuous and non-continuous blocks. The research of the laboratories of the various chemical industries is continuously developing, therefore this selection does not pretend to represent the whole range of the available materials, but just a review of the products we mainly supply.

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