Melammine Sponge

Ideal for perfect cleaning

Cleaner without detergent Detailer product

AcuTerm® magic polish

AcuTerm® magic polish allows you to deeply clean every surface, completely renewing the treated product without using detergent products.

Specialty Sponges & Scrubbers
 - AcuTerm® sponges assure a high cleaning of metals, painted walls, plastic surfaces and much more, completely renewing the treated item. 
It easily removes spots, usury marks and marker signs.

Use it to clean:
- boats

- sneakers

- outdoor plastic furniture

- metallic items

- several kinds of tile and floors, also 

painted walls
- fridges, electrical appliances

kitchen plastic surface

How to use:
Put the sponge in the water until it is completely wet (or rather under the flowing tap water)

. Squeeze it almost completely and use the sponge for cleaning, paying attention to try it on a small part of the surface to see the result once the treated product has dried.
 Rinse if necessary.
The sponge can also be easily cut with a knife according to the size of the spot to clean!
You will get a perfect result!

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